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enabling trusted interactions

TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature Service (VSS) is a powerful RESTful Web Service that makes Real-Time Authentication using speaker identity verification powerful and secure, yet simple, quick and cost-effective to implement. The VSS provides ubiquitous, on-demand Voice Biometric Authentication and Legally-Binding Voice Signatures.


The Voice Signature Service provides assurance that the person interacting is who they claim to be. The identity of a remote participant is scientifically confirmed using state-of-the-art voice biometrics in a user-friendly interaction. The User is prompted to repeat phrases so there is nothing the User has to remember.


The system presents a “Signature Statement” and the User cooperatively interacts with the Voice Signature Service. This cooperative act of a User in response to the Signature Statement is analogous to signing with their hand-written signature providing authorization.


The Voice Signature Service provides the ability to show that the authorization originated from an identified source. The VSS audit trail stores all of the data from the Voice Signature session and each transaction is securely stored and can be recalled by the Requester using the Voice Signature Session ID.