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About VSS

TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature ServiceSM (VSS) is a powerful Web Service that provides ubiquitous, on-demand voice authentication and legally-binding Voice Signatures, which makes speaker identity verification powerful and secure, yet simple, quick and cost-effective to implement.

Available through easy to integrate RESTful Web Service APIs: VoiceXML, XML, VoiceSig Express & VoiceSig Mobile or TradeHarbor Hosted Applications: Agent2Sign, Email2Sign, PasswordByVoice, and others.

TradeHarbor Hosted Applications. more info on Hosted Apps

The VSS meets federal requirements for strong multi-factor authentication for financial, healthcare, and other high security authentication environments.

Since the Voice Signature Service is provided as Software as a Service, it minimizes capital expenditures, minimizes internal development resource requirements, and boosts the ROI resulting from cost savings and customer acquisition & retention. In these challenging economic times, the cost & ease­ of ­implementation advantages of the Voice Signature Service can provide a significant competitive advantage.

The VSS enables an “enroll once, use anywhere” approach to authentication. An enterprise can quickly and inexpensively offer its clients/customers a consistent authentication experience across all of its business units and on any of its platforms (e.g., telephone, web, mobile).

Consumer research has demonstrated that consumers appreciate the convenience of the Voice Signature Service and they intuitively understand that Voice Signatures are security and privacy protective. They appreciate companies that provide privacy protection. Thus, consumer acquisition and retention is greatly enhanced.

Unique Prompt-Phrase Lexicon for Each Language

The VSS uses an ever-increasing, dynamic lexicon of high identity-bearing phrases in each language to make strong authentication fast and convenient for the user, and make the VSS very difficult to fraud. TradeHarbor’s unique prompt-phrase algorithms provide a fast, convenient method of strong authentication without exposing any consumer personal information, which offers unprecedented privacy protection for customers; and the dynamic lexicon of feature-rich prompt-phrases improves performance while preventing audio-recording attacks.

The VSS enrollment and authentication dialogs rely on the use of direct “challenge” questions in the form of “prompt-phrases” that the user must repeat during the dialog. Since the user has no advance knowledge of the prompt-phrase they will be asked to repeat during a specific enrollment and authentication session, it is highly unlikely that the impostor would be able to use a pre-recorded voice to perpetrate fraud.

Balancing Security and Convenience in Real Time

TradeHarbor’s Normalized Detector Scale® Confidence Score (0 to 100) provides Requesters with a powerful decision-support tool to dynamically manage the security-convenience balance in various customer interactions/transactions.

The Requester can adjust the tradeoff between the cost of accepting a fraudulent transaction and the cost of losing a sale or losing a customer by denying a transaction – inconveniencing the customer. From their current fraud and customer experience, the Requester can establish an initial set of business rules that consider such risk factors as: the value of the transaction, the fraud-risk profile of the particular transaction, the history of that customer, etc. As additional experience is gained over time, the business rules can be tuned as needed.

Legally-Binding Voice Signatures

Unlike other biometric vendors and service providers, the VSS goes well beyond basic authentication and provides the additional functions required by the various market sectors TradeHarbor serves.

For each Voice Signature interaction, the VSS ensures that the user repeats the dynamically-generated phrases that the VSS prompts them to say (which proves a cooperative act), and stores the user’s spoken utterances as part of the “audit trail”. Those User utterances can be recalled by the Requester and used as forensic evidence, if needed. When the VSS is used for a document signature, the “Signature Statement” that is played in the Voice Signature session can be uniquely tailored for each specific document or form.

Specifically the VSS interaction is designed to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“E-SIGN”);
  • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”);
  • American Bar Association Digital Signature Guidelines.

The Voice Signature Service is currently being used to remotely sign healthcare insurance applications and HIPAA release forms, has received acceptance, of the VSS signature process as legally binding in all 50 states, the USDA for Federal benefit programs, IRS for “start work” documents and CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

Voice Signature Service APIs

The VSS supports integration through VoiceXML, XML and VoiceSig Mobile APIs. Integration of the VSS into any telephony or Web application is typically performed in less than an hour with minimal capital expense – which produces a strong Return on Investment. Integration to Native Mobile Apps: iOS & Android using VoiceSig Mobile is just as quick and easy.

While the core VSS interactions remain uniform, the applications supporting various business processes can tailor how the VSS is used:

  • the point in the business process when the VSS is invoked;
  • the “Signature Statement” associated with a document signature or a particular type of authentication session; and,
  • the desired balance of security versus user convenience for each specific interaction or transaction, based upon the unique risk and value characteristics of that interaction/transaction.

Voice Signature Application Development

The Voice Signature Service makes implementing speaker identity verification simple, quick and cost-effective. Integration of the VSS into an enterprise telephony or Web platform is typically performed in a matter of hours with no upfront costs. While the core VSS interactions remain uniform, the applications supporting various business processes can configure how the VSS is used.

The VSS “Enroll Once Use Anywhere” approach enables enrolled Users in the Voice Signature Service through any application to be authenticated across other systems or platforms through the VSS using any other VSS Applications or APIs. This provides a consistent User experience and has proven to add high security while providing increased convenience and flexibility.

Many competitors offer to develop customized authentication solutions for their clients, that involve up-front capital expense for professional services, hardware, software, and verification engine licenses, and ongoing maintenance expense; some will offer to provide these custom solutions on a “hosted” basis. Custom authentication solutions may vary significantly for different business units within an enterprise, or for different platforms within an enterprise (e.g., live agent call center, speech-enabled IVR, web), which inhibits inter-operability across the enterprise.

Other benefits associated with the Voice Signature Service model include the following:

  • Economies of scale
  • Carrier-level scalability and peak-factor capacity
  • Enrollment storage
  • Transaction Record storage
  • Staying current with “best of breed” speech technology
  • Avoidance of consumer inconvenience required by technology upgrades

Hosted Voice Signature Applications

TradeHarbor provides hosted applications that enable Requesters to start using the Voice Signature Service without any integration – providing immediate benefit.


Agent2Sign enables Agents to take Easy, Safe and Quick legally-binding signatures in less than 20 seconds using the Voice Signature Service through a TradeHarbor hosted webpage and simple telephone call, producing significant time and cost savings!


Email2Sign enables anyone to take Easy, Safe and Quick legally-binding signatures in less than 20 seconds using the Voice Signature Service. Simply upload a PDF of the document to be signed, and the names and email addresses of the Signers. Each Signer receives an email with the document attached and places a simple telephone call to sign the document with their Voice Signature, a very quick and convenient process that produces significant time and cost savings!


PasswordByVoice enables Easy, Safe and Quick password reset in less than 20 seconds using the Voice Signature Service over the telephone or through a webpage or mobile app, producing secure password reset with significant cost savings!

more info on Hosted Apps