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About TradeHarbor

TradeHarbor, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, was co-founded by George Velius and Paul Heirendt in May, 1999 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

TradeHarbor Expertise in Speech Technology

George Velius is a leading speech scientist originally at Bell Labs, BellCore and TRI with research, patents and application experience in Speaker Identity Verification. The VSS speech technologies are based in part on many of the core principles resulting from Mr. Velius’ research. George was also the Chief Scientist at Veritel Corporation the first Voice Biometric software for PCs in the early 90s.    Click Here for: George Velius Patents and Papers

Paul Heirendt is an Internet and Web Services pioneer with Fortune 150 leadership experience in Product Development, M&A and Business Development.

TradeHarbor has been a pioneer in voice authentication and has created powerful business solutions that deploy advanced speech technologies in the core of a Web Service (Software as a Service, “SaaS”) and uses trade secret algorithms and business processes to offer biometric voice authentication as a real-time decision support tool.

TradeHarbor also designs and deploys custom speech and web-based applications for clients that wish to quickly implement the Voice Signature Service in their business processes.

The Voice Signature Service was predicated on the fact that . . . We are all unique and our voices are unique . . . now your voice can be your signature over the telephone, on the Web, or using mobile devices. The VSS uses available devices and networks and does not require specialized devices or software for consumers or TradeHarbor’s client companies to use the service.

The VSS is designed as a managed service to make speaker identity verification powerful and secure, yet simple, quick, and cost-effective to implement. It uses an ever-increasing, dynamic lexicon of high identity-bearing phrases to make strong authentication fast and convenient for the user, and difficult to fraud. TradeHarbor’s Normalized Detector Scale® confidence score (patent-pending) allows tuning of the security-convenience threshold on a transaction-by-transaction basis, based upon risk factors associated with a given transaction and customer. Each VSS authentication session results in a Voice Signature, which provides an audit trail and provides strong individual accountability through the ability to replay any of the utterances associated with any Voice Signature session.


Paul S. Heirendt – Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Paul is an experienced executive, inventor, author and professional speaker. Paul is an Internet and Web Services pioneer: in the early 80s founded a BBS for musicians in Southern California, and developed a popular game for the Commodore 64 . As an executive at a Fortune 125 Corporation, Paul was responsible for Global Sales, Business Development, Electronic Product Development and on the Founding Team for the largest Internet Subscription Service for Physicians. On the Founding Team of 2 startups acquired by WebMD and a healthcare technology startup; the co-founder of one of the leading voice biometrics companies, and is involved in several other startups in St Louis and Silicon Valley.

John A. Hanpeter, Jr. – Chief Operations Officer

John is an experienced senior executive, patent holder, published author and management professional with decades of leadership in startups and in large-scale operations in nationally-recognized organizations during periods of substantial industry-wide change. Innovative thinker and accomplished communicator skilled at mobilizing large-scale organization transformation while gaining stakeholder commitment. Proven success in selecting and developing key leadership talent. Proven successful experience with operations integration, process improvement and re-design, financial management, legal and accounting management, human resources, partner and vendor relationships, business development, sales initiatives and sales support. Senior executive with a $1.9 billion integrated healthcare delivery system – responsible for 1800 employees. John has an M.B.A., and an M.S., Electrical Engineering from Washington University, St. Louis, along with a B.S. (with Honors), Electrical Engineering from University of Missouri, Columbia.

Stephen R. Veit – Director of System Development and Operations

Stephen Veit is an experienced IT professional, an inventor/author of 3 granted patents, with software engineering experience in building scalable and secure Web Services, in telecommunications and defense and more than thirty years managing highly skilled software engineers. Strengths are leadership, project management, system architecture, cloud computing and broadband networking. Developed software requirements, plans, and schedules for the Signaling Software of NEXEN 8000 Integrated Services ATM Switch. Designed and developed research projects in telecommunications services for Southwestern Bell. At McDonnell Aircraft Company, He was the architect of a large-scale simulation environment and interactive display system. He also managed the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for research and development of software for aircraft simulation and displays, including distribution of processing/networking with heterogeneous systems, artificial intelligence, image processing, real-time simulation, and computer graphics.

George Velius – Co-Founder

George Velius is a co-founder of TradeHarbor with more than 30 years of experience in forward-looking applications of speech technology at Bell Labs, Bellcore, and Southwestern Bell Technology Resources. As an inventor, scientist, engineer, and business development professional, he has demonstrated success in bringing new technologies into business reality, including technical leadership of two previous start-up companies, PaylinX Corp. and Veritel Corporation. Mr. Velius is the inventor/author of 3 U.S. patents – Voice Biometric on Smart Card, Speech Technology-Enabled Operator Assistance, and Transparent Telephony.