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VoiceSig MobileTM

VoiceSig MobileTM


VoiceSig Mobile enables mobile application developers to add Voice Signature ServiceSM (VSS) interactions to their native mobile applications for iOS and Android. VoiceSig Mobile provides all of the multi-factor authentication and legally-binding benefits of the Voice Signature Service in device-based interactions.

VoiceSig Mobile provides a convenient and secure method of enabling strongly authenticated transactions; access to data; login to networks/applications; enterprise access security; and many other use cases. No private or secure information is exposed on the device during the Voice Signature Service interaction through a secure data connection between the device and the VSS service.

VoiceSig Mobile requires an application to be installed on the mobile device, and a server-side script on a Requester’s Web server. The sample application and server-side code provided by TradeHarbor speeds the implementation, and provides Application Developers and Requesters with the capability to customize their implementation of the Voice Signature Service.

Users who are enrolled in the Voice Signature Service on one system or platform using one Voice Signature Service API can be authenticated across other systems or platforms through the Voice Signature Service using the other APIs. This provides a consistent User experience and has proven to add high security while providing increased convenience and flexibility.

TradeHarbor will provide sample application code and free technical support to qualified iPhone, iPad and Android developers to embed biometric authentication into their applications/interactions.